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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 16, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," primary punch. from marco rubio's exit to hillary clinton's major victories. the dynamic night for both parties as the votes come in from five key states. >> including ohio where donald trump lost to the governor john kasich. >> cops can caught caught stealing from as a dispensary. indiana jones returns. the big plans for the adventure series starring an aging harrison ford and what twitter has to say about all of this. answer wednesday, march 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news no
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it is a very busy wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. >> of course, we'll start with all of the excitement of last night that has bled into this morning. the voters really have spoken in five key states, ending the campaign of marco rubio with his loss in florida as trump and clinton get closer to being their party's nominees. >> they each won carolina and florida. but take a look at the numbers. john kasich stopping trump in ohio win winning by a wide marge. clinton also getting a big win in ohio despite that surprise lost last week in neighboring michigan. >> in her native state in, illinois, it was a close one between the democrats. sanders winning the rural area but clinton doing well in chicago. across the mississippi river in missouri, razor thin margins in both races. the gop race separated by less than 2,000 votes. also extremely close among the two democrats. >> some of the details following last night's races. we'll start with the democrats. >> yes, hillary clinton's victories showing strengthing in key
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bernie sanders showing no signs of stepping side a side. abc's liz kreutz is covering the democrats for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. just after those wins in north carolina, florida and ohio were announced hillary clinton celebrated with a crowd here in west palm beach. that win in ohio a turning point moment. overnight hillary clinton riding high after another night of victories. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. thank you, florida, thank you, north carolina. thank you, ohio. >> reporter: her staffers partying at their brooklyn head quarters and clinton gloating that she is now more than 300 delegates ahead of bernie sanders. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination. >> reporter: the vermont senator charging on. >> don't let people tell you that you c
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>> reporter: but clinton's focus, donald trump. calling him out by name for the first time in a primary night speech. >> you know, to be great, we can't be small. we can't lose what made america great in the first place. and this isn't just about donald trump. >> reporter: making it clearer than ever she's gearing up for the general. both clinton and sanders are looking ahead to the next state up, arizona. sanders was there last night and clinton has a new spanish language tv ad airing in the state featuring none other than donald trump. kendis and reena. >> liz kreutz, thank you. as for the republicans, marco rubio is out. john kasich wins ohio. >> our coverage continues with abc's marci gonzalez live in miami. marci, what a night for republicans. is it pretty much over for the other challengers? is donald trump the ultimate winner here? >> reporter: no, you know, it's not definitive yet. rimaries coming t to look ahead. up on tuesday.
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>> yeah, and marci in the meantime with, no clean sweep for trump, what's next for his campaign? >> reporter: yeah, well, they're feeling very confident saying they're going to win, win, win every race here on out. a lot of confidence looking ahead to those next big races again on tuesday. especially arizona. >> and i guess the race really is getting more dynamic in many ways. isn't it, marci? >> reporter: yeah, it absolutely is. with marco rubio dropping out, it is now a three-man race. and it's giving trump that extra surge, that extra momentum as if he really needed any more. but ted cruz who has the second most delegates, he still insists that he can beat trump especially in a head to head match-up. but it certainly won't bes. by abc's estimates, cruz would need to get 76% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. trump would still need 55% of the remaining delegates. kendis and reena.
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miami. marci, thank you so much. >> yes, basically means at the end of the day, you're not going to get to stay in miami for too long. you have to go to cleveland where this will end up. there will be much more election coverage coming up all morning long. we're going to hear more from the john kasich campaign after a big victory later this half hour. turning to another major headline, a fort worth, texas police officer is in critical condition after being shot after a police chase turned violent. officers had tried to serve warrants when the suspects took off in their suv. they abandoned the car and began shooting at police. one of the suspects was killed. his son is in custody. two maryland men who taped their brother shooting at a police station are due in court today. malik and elijah ford are both charged with six counts of attempted murder and other serious charges. a detective was killed by what police said was friendly fire while in a shoot-out with the 22-year-old michael ford. he was shot in the gunfire and is still in the hospital.
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on capitol hill during a hearing on the water crisis in flint, michigan, former state and federal officials blamed each other and democratic lawmakers pointed fingers at the state's republican governor. abc's bazi kanani has all the details. >> reporter: flint's former officials in the hot seat asked to explain their actions and inaction after an expert's memo warning the city's water was unsafe months before taking aggressive action. lawmakers replayed this video of the former mayor on local tv. >> it's your standard tap water. >> we know now we were getting bad information and worse water. >> reporter: former mayor dayne walling blamed the state's environmental regulatory agency for reports that claimed the water was okay for consumption. flint's former state appointed emergency manager pointed fingers at city officials. >> i made no decision about the use of the flint river. >> reporter: the region's former
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epa director insisted her agency did notify state and local authorities. >> i did not sit on the sidelines. >> reporter: meanwhile, democratic lawmakers blamed michigan's governor for the delay. >> the topic of flint water was never raised in any cabinet meeting. >> reporter: republicans focused their ire on the failure at the federal level. >> epa has the responsibility to the citizens. you have to intervene. >> you screwed up. and you messed up people's lives. >> reporter: as michigan governor rick snyder faces calls to resign and a recall effort, he will voluntarily testify before the committee on thursday. reena, kendis? >> bazi, thank you so much. a close call on the railroad tracks in ohio. somehow an at&t a van got stuck on the tracks. you can actually see the worker going back to grab his bag apparently unaware of the danger. a quick thinking police officer moves the driver out of the
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and then seconds later, seconds later, boom. the van is demolished by the speeding train. >> lucky guy. >> he's going to be late for his next appointment. three southern california police officers are in trouble with the law. they're accused of stealing snacks during a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary last year. their alleged poor behavior was caught on surveillance cameras. prosecutors say the cops did not eat any of the edible marijuana items during the raid but the dispensary disagrees. >> because some were consuming regular food products does not mean that they weren't consuming edibles. >> okay. one of the three cops is charged with vandalism for smashing security cameras but there were four hidden security cameras, as well. the three officers are currently on paid administrative leave. sales were down at chipotle last month by about 25% following a series of food safety issues. the company says it expects to post a loss for the first quarter. what would mark the first such loss since it went public in 2006. sales last month had started to
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bounce back till a boston area restaurant was forced to close because of sick workers. >> okay. so move over nutella. now -- is that right? >> yeah, did you that well. >> nutella. now you can spread twix candy on your toast. it comes in seven-ounce jars and is basically broken up pieces of the chocolate-covered caramel layered cookies. >> unfortunately for now, it's only available in england where other spreads and sauces based on popular candy are also sold. a jar of this will cost you about 3 bucks and, of course, a round trip ticket to britain. i wonder how much sugar is in this. >> there's no sugar in it. >> it sounds good. >> it's tasty at this hour. >> that's a nutritious breakfast right there, kendis. >> what's that's what all kids should have. >> you can have it and take my kids after. >> that would be -- coming up in "the skinny," mariah carey struggling with her wardrobe while taking her career in a brand-new direction. >> also ahead, are fashion bloggers getting f
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influence profits and trends? the ugly allegations and the response. >> and we're returning to our top story. last night's primary vote and john kasich's victory in ohio. the big boost for his campaign. that's after today's forecast map. another wet day in the gulf coast region. it is 84 degrees in north mariana islands where trump on tuesday won nine votes. where is that? ♪ everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel. and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients, keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes
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steps toward the democratic nomination last night with victories in florida, ohio, north carolina, and illinois. donald trump had the most wins on the republican side, taking illinois, north carolina, and florida. trump's win in the sunshine state forced florida senator marco rubio out of the race. ohio governor john kasich was the winner in his home state. that was his first win of the entire campaign. >> that really was a big one because for those who were as opposed to donald trump, kasich's win in ohio was absolutely crucial. his victory means a contested republican convention in cleveland this summer is very much a possibility. >> abc's david wright is covering kasich's campaign and he spent some time with him. david, good morning. >> reporter: hi, reena and kendis from john kasich headquarters here in ohio. a jubilant mood here. john kasich pulling out a win in his home state. we were with him backstage just before he came out. he was shooting hoops. and pretty much shooting the moon that he had pulled it off.
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showed him neck and neck with trump here. one of the things that may have helped him is the fact that ohio has an open primary. independent voters can choose to vote in the democratic or republican side. we met voters who were democrats who chose to vote in the republican race because they wanted to block donald trump. the fact that kasich has won his home state ensures that he moves forward in this contest. he thinks that his victory is in part to do with his positive campaign. he was refusing even tuesday to take potshots at donald trump. he now is hoping to become the republican standard bearer for the people hoping to block trump and he now moves forward. the next big contest in arizona. kendis, reena? >> thank you so much, david. we're looking ahead next tuesday. arizona, also there's in idaho primaries there, caucuses there, as well. >> it's really expected that donald trump will do well in arizona. he has the support of the famous
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sheriff there joe arpaio. immigration is big there. and from our political desk, they were noting it is statistically impossible for john kasich to win the nomination. >> this is his first win. it's impossible delegate wise. >> exactly. >> sure raises a huge divide between the republican leaders and the establishment and voters on the ground who spoke loudly that trump is in many ways their guy. so it seems hard to imagine that someone from out of the woodwork could be brought in for some type of contested convention. >> it will be tough. they'll try. coming up, the internet weighs in on a potential title for the upcoming indiana jones movie. >> and mariah carey suffering a wardrobe malfunction last night. "the skinny" up next. a wardrobe malfunction last night. "the skinny" up next.
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♪ skinny, so skinny and leading us off, the big news coming out of hollywood, harrison ford will return once again as indiana jones on the big screen. >> it will actually make it his fifth indy film in total and returning as the film's director will be steven spielberg. it's due to hit theaters in 2019 which will make it 11 years since the first indiana jones film "kingdom of the crystal skull." >> wow. nuke the fridge. who could forget it. many will. ford will be 77 when the new film which is still untitled makes its debut.
3:49 am
the news has everyone speculating what the title will be. for that let's find out what the internet is saying all about it. >> yeah. so nuke the fridge. come on. how could you not remember that. hopefully we'll have more nuke the fridge moments. in the fifth one. people suggesting indiana jones and the battle to get off of his lawn. >> because he's old. >> right, right, right, right. i get it. indiana jones and the afternoon nap, which kind of works for any of us i think. >> you're right. >> and then indiana jones and the never ending story about when things made sense and kids respected their elders. >> oh. i like that last one. >> that's from mustache of doom. i think they win for their handle more than the suggested title. >> good. >> you like those. >> -- handle there. there was also one dealing with prune juice. people were all like nailing the old jokes. >> let's not be mean to him.
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if we all could look good at 70. i'd like to look like him. >> he looks great. >> next up, mariah carey currently on her world tour, last night in glasgow, scotland, suffered a minor war#drobe malfunction. as you might expect, the star has a lot of wardrobe changes throughout the show. apparently she goes hard, causing a rip in her tights right in the booty region. >> it's impromptu moments like in that producers of her just announced reality show want to show viewers. the documentary series titled "mariah's world," will air on "e." >> the songstress wants to showcase her personality but she says she will avoid showing her 4-year-old twins in the program. carey also says that she has the power to cut any footage she would rather not be seen. >> okay. including that little wardrobe malfunction. >> maybe it will be in there. >> that might be interesting. next to somebody whose every move is watched like she's on a
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we're talking, of course, about t. swift. the pop superstar sharing some steamy pictures on social media from her vacation with deejay stud muffin calvin harris. >> swift captured the image. besides showing some skin and a little making out, the star also showed how she shakes it right off a trampoline. >> their tropical location remains undisclosed. we're sure they've got everything they need. earlier this month, the couple celebrated their first year together. >> wasn't that a home baked cake? >> yeah. and he, by the way, i follow him on instagram. he also posted the same photos of them in love and all that. >> and finally, celebrities may not be able to walk a mile in your shoes, but they can apparently help you try them on like sarah jessica parker. remember carrie bradshaw? she played that woman in "sex and the city." she took the craze to the next level. yesterday, parker got to work in the footwear department a
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♪ she's got the look, she's got the look ♪ ♪ what in the world can make a broup eyed girl sound blue ♪ >> so the ftc is taking aim at a hugely successful ad campaign. you have those instagram posts, you have blogs, and what appears to be news articles on line promoting dresses. >> the problem, lord & taylor didn't make it clear that the whole thing was a paid advertisement. >> reporter: it's an expertly executed ad campaign. 50 of the hottest fashion bloggers all in the same paisley dress all over instagram. paid as much as $4,000 each to post these pics on the same day.
3:56 am
the trend setters paid by the company behind the ad blitz. lord & taylor. >> they said we have this dress and want to send it to 50 influencers and see how they all style it and promote it. >> they had us all post at the same time between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. and then post it tagging lord & taylor. >> reporter: the campaign a huge success. lord & taylor selling out of the dress almost immediately. the photo bomb reaching more than 11 million instagram users in just two days. but regulators are calling into question the retail giant's tactics. >> consumers are looking at posts on instagram. they have no idea and think this person whose fashion sense i value really likes this dress and they don't know that it's there because lord & taylor paid the influencer. >> reporter: the ftc now settling charges saying lord & taylor violated federal law claiming the department store giant duped customers by failing to disclose it paid for the posts in exchange for endorsements. >> do you think your followers know you get paid for
3:57 am
>> yeah. >> i think now like blogging is like an understood thing as a career. i wouldn't say like every single person knows but majority does know. >> reporter: in a statement, lord & taylor saying when it came to our attention there were potential issues we took immediate action to ensure that clear disclosures were made. we cooperated fully with the ftc's inquiry into this matter. there is no indication of wrongdoing whatsoever. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> a lot of people believe in these bloggers and take what they say. it's hard if you don't say up front you've been given free stuff. >> i believe all the bloggers that i see. i mean, there are some really beautiful bloggers out there. >> i've got the look. this is from the 1980s. this is the duran duran jean jacket. >> this is gloria vanderbilt fine jean.
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